About Us

Since its inception in 2003, Direct Enquiries has grown to become the UK’s leading provider of access and disability consultancy services. Our ongoing success can be traced back to our adherence to our central guiding principles: we help our clients identify and manage compliance risk associated with dealing with people with protected characteristics. We help them drive commercial advantage by effectively communicating with this growing consumer group. As a group of individuals, everybody in our organisation is totally committed to disability equality. As an organisation we believe that this is best achieved by developing commercially viable solutions to the challenges associated with inclusion. We help our clients ‘Minimise Risk and Maximise Revenue’. Everything we do, every decision we make and every new product we develop is rooted in these simple values.

From our very first day we have been at the forefront of the disability and access industry, developing a range of lean solutions in response to a changing compliance framework and variable economic conditions. Our business plan is driven by the need to pre-empt the needs of our clients and develop products that help maintain a commercially viable proactive stance towards inclusion and disability management. This, together with an obsessive commitment to customer services, has helped us grow into the largest provider of access services across the UK.

Our Auditors are very highly trained and have developed additional expertise in Health & Safety and Fire Risk Assessment to provide our clients with integrated auditing and central reporting.